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Prefab Bunkers

We are the number one company for prefabricated bunkers in Spain, offering highly competitive prices.

Superior construction for your VIP bunker.

As in the construction of submarine hulls, the manufacturing of our bunkers is carried out with the same meticulousness and precision, aiming to withstand shockwave pressures from explosions, as well as the pressure from surrounding earth and water. While we keep certain details confidential for intellectual property reasons, each of our clients receives a comprehensive dossier with detailed plans, a certified structural calculation, and a finite element analysis demonstrating the bunker’s resistance to all possible eventualities.

Unmatched Structural Strength

With walls or bunker hulls approximately 22 cm thick for shelters up to 9 meters long and 3 meters wide, we ensure unparalleled protection. The skeleton of our bunker consists of:

  • Outer pressure hull (14 mm)
  • Perimeter structure of structural steel tube (200x150mm)
  • Inner pressure hull made of more flexible steel material (8.3 mm)
  • Staircase access similar to the bunker, which can also serve as a secure area after the event or attack
  • Structurally shaped cover with special tubes and exterior plates (14 mm)

Designed to withstand pressures of up to 30,000 psi (200 N/mm2), your VIP Bunker could be perfectly submerged if the situation requires it.

High-Quality Materials

At Bunker VIP, we use only the most resilient materials, such as Hardox steel, titanium, HS carbon steel, and naval-grade aluminum.

External and Internal Protection

Our bunkers have external corrosion protection through various finishes. After sandblasting, a cold galvanizing process is carried out, followed by two layers of epoxy primer, and a final layer of polyester primer.

Elegant Interior

Inside the bunker, we apply a similar process, leaving a high-quality finish. Additionally, the client can personalize the interior with carpeting, flooring, or any other cladding, as long as our recommendations are followed. The most recommended option is to maintain the white resin finish that we provide.

The entire interior perimeter has a baseboard on the floor and ceiling, similar to what can be found in operating rooms, facilitating cleaning when necessary.

VIP Experience in Bunkers

At Bunker VIP, we merge luxury and security to offer you a shelter experience that is not only safe but also comfortable and attractive.

Explore the interior of your shelter.


NBQ-BUNKER | Luxury Underground Shelter, Quick and Relocatable Installation – 6x3m Interior Bunker

Premium Underground Shelter for Families

Are you looking for protection, comfort, and peace of mind in an underground shelter? Our VIP Bunker can be yours in just three days, perfectly buried in your garden. It features a cold galvanized exterior finish, coated with epoxy and polyester, offering the same corrosion and rust resistance as an underground gas storage tank or gas pipeline.

Exceptional Comfort and Safety

Your family will enjoy bench-style seating on three sides, with secure access through a staircase from the surface. Our VIP Bunker comes with stainless steel handrails and non-slip ladder rungs for added safety and ease of use.

High-Strength Construction and Testing

  • Double-chamber steel construction with 4mm walls and 5mm floor for superior strength.
  • 10mm structural steel surrounding the exterior, resisting ground pressures and explosions.
  • Double MIG welding for airtight sealing.
  • Pressure test performed by filling the shelter with water for days to verify its watertightness.

Sophisticated and Functional Facilities

  • PPR plumbing facilities and industrial electrical connections.
  • Armored door with an exterior layer of Hardox steel and a single-lever locking mechanism with triple locking and key-operated door handle.
  • A concrete floor or base anchors the shelter, with perimeter drainage and interlocking stone and soil above.

NBQ-BUNKER Shelter: A Comfortable and Secure Underground Home

Imagine a shelter that makes you feel at home. Our VIP Bunker comes with a carpeted and fully furnished interior. It includes a fully equipped kitchen with appliances, a fully functional bathroom with shower and water heater, bunk beds with mattresses, steel benches, and a table. Additionally, the shelter includes a basic first aid kit for six people and a sofa bed for extra comfort.

Unmatched Protection and Durability

Built according to North American FEMA/NSA and international specifications, our VIP Bunker offers maximum protection against Nuclear and Conventional Explosions, Fires, Earthquakes, Viral Infections, Chemical Attacks, and Scenarios of Social Collapse/Looting and Crime. Its estimated lifespan is 150 years, ensuring your investment for future generations.

Adaptable and Customizable to Your Needs

The NBQ-Bunker is the most adaptive option to your budget, with the highest comfort and interior space. We can customize the interior with flooring, carpet, or non-slip naval epoxy resin in white or gray, according to your preferences.

Complete Delivery with Warranty

The Bunker is delivered with a full warranty, explosion exposure simulation, and analysis with ANSYS program (finite element calculation). Feel the security and peace of mind that only your own VIP Bunker can provide!

Note: Transportation is included, but excavation and concrete works are not included.

3D Views of Bunkers

Are you looking for a custom design or a prefabricated one?

Turnkey Delivery

At Bunker VIP, we understand your concerns and frequently asked questions when requesting a quote. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that each of our bunkers is delivered turnkey, fully equipped and ready to use, except for food and toiletry products unless specified.

Essential Bunker Supplies

Focusing on vital features such as energy, water, and other supplies, these are some of the specificities of our models ranging from 6 meters to 12 meters in length:

Water Tanks

Your VIP Bunker has several hidden internal water tanks in a false ceiling, floor, or interior wall. These potable water tanks are used for showers and other purposes. We always recommend installing a buried water cistern next to the bunker for total independence.

Installation and Maintenance

Plumbing and electrical facilities are visible to facilitate maintenance or quick troubleshooting. Although some customers have requested Plaster or ceramic coverings, it is most common to keep them accessible.

Water Recovery

The bunker’s cistern recovers water from the shower, saving this valuable resource. Our bunker’s special shower uses smaller holes to spray the water, maximizing water efficiency.

Ventilation and Filtration

The NBQ ventilation system is certified and equipped with filters from various suppliers. These filters require maintenance, and each bunker is delivered with a spare set and usage instructions. The filtration system operates at low voltage and, if necessary, can be manually operated.

Lighting and Power

The electrical lighting system in your bunker is low-consumption LED, and a spare set is included for maintenance. Depending on the budget, the bunker is delivered with lithium batteries and a manual generator to charge them. We also offer a manual and analog system that allows you to select all electrical options: external grid, solar panels, fuel generator (if included in the bunker), batteries, or manual.

Maintenance and Security

All installation points that require maintenance have a manual and an indicative sticker in their location. Additionally, each shelter includes cards to measure radiation, and if requested, a Geiger counter. The shelter also has a relief pressure compensation valve for explosions and shockwaves.

Access and External Connections

The bunker’s external access can be configured in various ways: a raised hatch, a door similar to those in homes, slides for accessibility for people with physical disabilities, among others. We always recommend camouflaging the entrance with tool sheds, enclosed areas, trees, wooden bungalows, etc. Based on the entrance, ventilation tubes and antennas will be located.

Additionally, your VIP Bunker is delivered with various connections to the outside. Although you have the option of cable connection, we always include antennas for television, FM AM radio, UHF VHF radio, and GSM internet for customer-inserted SIM cards. If required, we can also provide antennas for GSM phones, satellite phones, and other services.

Emergency Exit and Burial Depth

At the customer’s request, we can build a concealed and reduced emergency exit. The depth at which we bury the bunker depends greatly on the area in which it is located and its exposure to potential attacks. In most cases, the average depth is 2 to 4 meters to the top of the bunker. For depths of 15 meters or more or in cases of lead wall lining, an additional quote will be provided.

Installation and Confidentiality

On-site installation of the bunker depends on various factors and, in most cases, is located on rustic land. We provide excavation plans and proceed with installation once the concrete slab and anchoring plates are completed. This process, including delivery, placement, access installation, and burial of the cistern and septic tank, takes approximately five to six working days.

We always sign a confidentiality agreement, ensuring that the shelter’s location is known to the minimum number of people on the client’s and company’s part. In most cases, the exact location is not known until the moment the truck transports the shelter.

At Bunker VIP, your safety and comfort are our priority. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

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